Wind Speed and Direction data subscription
The wind reporting system has been in operation for some 8 years now, and while the hardware cost was largely covered by payments from Golden Flying Site, the operation of the system was planned to be supported by donations. The sum total of donations received to date is $40. Therefore, to continue operating the wind meters, a pay-per-use system has been implemented. Please support the wind meters and subscribe. Full access for 24 hour period is about the price of a latte, and the programmers need coffee to function!

We only take payments through PayPal payment gateway (they handle credit and debit cards, we don't) and the system is fully automated. After your payment, you will receive your subscription code by SMS to your phone. The code is intended to be used by a single person on a single device. Please do not share your code with others, while we believe most people are honest, there are some checks in place.

Enter the subscription code on the web page, and then bookmark the next page you receive. From time to time, your subscription code may change, and you will receive new code by SMS.

If you change your phone number during your subscription, please purchase the "phone number change", then email us with your paypal receipt and the old and new phone numbers. This is a manual process, and it will typically take up to 48 hours for the change to take effect.

If you have any difficulties, please conctact us by e-mail to, with your name, phone number where to send the SMS, and description of the problem.

This service is provided on best effort basis, and occasional outages will happen -- usually caused by events beyond our control (e.g., the station on launch was vandalized in May 2018). We will restore service as fast as we can, but there will be no refunds.

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